10X Genomics Chromium Genome and Single Cell 3’ services now available

 Earlier this year AGRF and the The University of Melbourne jointly announced acquisition of one of the first Chromium™ Systems from 10x Genomics® outside the United States. AGRF has now completed numerous validation runs and are making this powerful new genomic technology available for researchers.

The 10x Genomics Chromium System dramatically improves the capabilities of existing sequencing technologies by using a microfluidics-based molecular barcoding solution that allows sequencing at much higher resolution and probes the transcriptional activity of individual cells in brand new ways.

To access this new technology, AGRF has two methods available – Genome and Single Cell 3’


The Genome workflow provides long range genome-wide information via linked-reads that can be used for SNP calling and phasing in megabase blocks, resolve structural variations, unlock previously inaccessible genomic regions and be utilised for phased de novo assembly of genomes.

  • Input DNA average length 50 Kb
  • Has been validated for genome sizes larger than 1.5 Gb

Single Cell 3’

This allows the molecular barcoding solution to be applied to mRNA from multiple singular cells, facilitating a cell-by-cell gene expression signature from thousands in a suspension. This powerful new technique enables impressive insights into cell heterogeneity and cellular transcriptional activity.

  • Cells suspensions with minimum aggregation and high viability
  • Cell numbers within the range 500 – 10,000
  • Validated cell sizes up to 40 µm
  • This service will require a client technician to be in attendance during the library preparation on the Chromium system.

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