The super prawn

01 July 2015

The ARC ITRH brings together world-leading animal geneticists, research and service providers, and Australia's largest prawn farm.

The Hub will apply cutting-edge genetic and genomic selection methodologies to lead the most advanced and industry transformative improvement program for any prawn/shrimp species globally.

We are proud to be a partner for this exciting project and work with the Hub host - James Cook University along with research and industry partners including the CSIRO, University of Sydney, Vlaams Instituut voor Biotechnologie and Seafarms, Australia.

One of the aims of the project will be to produce a comprehensive draft genome and tissue-specific transcriptome of the black tiger prawn. Knowledge of the genome structure of the black tiger prawn will provide information essential to the downstream development of advanced genomic breeding programs, along with the capacity to better understand gene function through detailed comparative genomic studies.

The program will mean increased productivity and international competitiveness for the Australian industry.

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