Putting the spotlight on stroke research

15 September 2015

We are passionate about research and would like to acknowledge members of the AGRF community for their outstanding research on stroke.

Adjunct Associate Professor Bruno Meloni

Stroke Research Group/Head of Laboratory Research

Western Australian Neuroscience Research Institute

Research focus: Stroke and neuroprotection

Bruno Meloni and his team at the Western Australian Neuroscience Research Institute have focused on identifying therapeutic targets that minimize ischaemic brain injury, and the development of neuroprotective stroke treatments.

Minimising brain injury following stroke is a critical clinical goal both to improve patient quality of life and to lessen the social and economic impacts of this devastating disorder.  Currently, the most effective stroke therapy is to restore cerebral blood flow to a blocked artery using tPA and thrombectomy.  However, the current therapeutic window for coupled tPA ± thrombectomy therapy is so narrow (4.5h) that the majority of stroke patients are unable to receive the treatment.    

As a consequence, while recent improvements in stroke therapy have been made, these have been limited and it is clear that there is urgent need for new, more widely applicable neuroprotective therapies that can be applied to stroke patients early by ambulance paramedics, in hospital emergency departments, and in remote locations away from tertiary hospitals.  Additionally, any treatment that might improve the safety, therapeutic window and neuroprotective outcomes for tPA ± thrombectomy would be of great clinical significance.  

Therefore a key laboratory research focus is neuroprotection, and the team have recently demonstrated for the first time that poly-arginine (and arginine-rich) peptides have potent neuroprotective properties in in vitro injury models that mimic the effects of stroke.

To find out more about the Western Australian Neuroscience Research Institute please visit their website www.wanri.org.

WANRI, the Western Australian Neuroscience Research Institute, is a medical research institute focusing on neurological conditions. It brings together a dedicated group of researchers and clinicians, many pre-eminent in their fields.

To find out more about National Stroke Week please visit www.strokefoundation.com.au.

National Stroke Week runs from 14–20 September.