Perth Next Generation Sequencing Special Interest Group Meeting, 11th May 2015

08 May 2015

On the 11th May 2015, we will be holding the first Perth Next Generation Special Interest Group meeting for 2015. 


When:   May 11th, 2015 from 4:00 PM

Where:  Main Seminar room
              Telethon KIDS Institute
              100 Roberts Road
              Subiaco Western Australia



Aleksandra Filipovska
Professor , Laboratory Head, Mitochondrial Medicine and Biology, Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research and School of Chemistry and Biochemistry
The University of Western Australia

“Using deep sequencing to study RNA processing and RNA-protein interactions in mitochondria”

Alistair Forrest
Professor, Laboratory Head, Systems Biology and Genomics
Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research and Centre for Medical Research
The University of Western Australia

“The FANTOM5 project”


Speaker Bios

Aleksandra Filipovska: Aleksandra Filipovska received her PhD in 2002 from the University of Otago, New Zealand. From 2003-2005 she was a NZ Foundation for Research, Science and Technology Fellow at the MRC Mitochondrial Biology Unit in Cambridge, the United Kingdom. In 2006 she relocated to Australia as a NHMRC Howard Florey Fellow and established her research group at the Perkins Institute for Medical Research. She was an Australian Research Council Future Fellow until 2013 and currently she is a NHMRC Senior Research Fellow and Professor at the University of Western Australia. Her research interests are in the regulation of mitochondrial gene expression by RNA-binding proteins in health and disease. In addition her research group uses next generation technologies to identify pathogenic mutations in mitochondrial genes that cause mitochondrial disease and regulation of gene expression


Alistair Forrest: Alistair Forrest was appointed in January 2015 as a full research professor at the Harry Perkins Institute for Medical Research and is the head of the newly formed Systems Biology and Genomics group. He has been broadly trained in both wet bench molecular biology and bioinformatics with a PhD from the Institute for Molecular Bioscience (UQ) in 2006, on the systems biology of mammalian protein kinases and phosphatases and a Masters in Information Technology from QUT. In 2007 he joined RIKEN Omics Science Centre on a CJ Martin fellowship under Yoshihide Hayashizaki (the orchestrator of the Functional Annotation of Mammals FANTOM projects). He played a major role in the FANTOM4 project and then stayed on as scientific coordinator of the FANTOM5 project (a massive international collaboration carried out over 5 years). He will present an overview of the FANTOM5 project and the use of Cap Analysis of Gene Expression (CAGE) to globally map mammalian promoters and transcribed enhancers.


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