NovaSeq 6000 Service available June 2017

15 May 2017

Coming this June – the future of sequencing!

An exciting addition to the AGRF technology portfolio has arrived and is currently undergoing rigorous validation testing.

AGRF’s NovaSeq 6000 sequencing hardware is the first of its kind that is operational in Australia and opens the door to broader, more comprehensive genome studies.

Our commitment to quality is imperative and we are ensuring that this new technology is implemented to our highest standards prior to making it broadly available to the genomics community, starting this June.

AGRF is able to bring this resource to our users through a partnership with the University of Melbourne and the assistance of Bioplatforms Australia and the National Collaborative Infrastructure Strategy Agility Fund.

For further details and to take advantage of this new level of genome sequencing please contact AGRF’s National NovaSeq Champion:

Aaron Lewis

Mob. 0458 340 245


Click here to find out more about illumina NovaSeq 6000.  

NovaSeq press release