10x Genomics Seminar at WEHI

25 May 2017

10X Genomics is revolutionising whole genome sequencing and single cell analysis by changing the definition of next generation sequencing.

The core 10X Genomics technology, GemCode, creates a unique reagent delivery system that partitions cells or arbitrarily long DNA molecules (including >100 kb) and prepares sequencing libraries in parallel such that all fragments produced within a partition share a common barcode.

This session will explore how the Gemcode technology can be used to support (i) high-throughput single cell expression measurements for molecular profiling of individual cell types, (ii) profiling full-length paired V(D)J transcripts of lymphocytes to study the adaptive immune system and (iii) long range information on a genome-wide scale, including variant calling, phasing and extensive characterization of genomic structure.

10X Genomics has tailored solutions for the entire workflow including reagents, the Chromium Controller and Chromium Software pipelines and data visualisation tools.

Presented by:
Joseph Aman
10x Genomics, Field Application Scientist

Hosted by: AGRF
Location: WEHI, L7E, Seminar Room 1 (55)

Thursday 25th May 2017

2:30pm - 3:30pm

For more information contact:
Howard Roberts, Millennium Science
Email: hroberts@mscience.com.au

Matt Tinning, AGRF
Email: matthew.tinning@agrf.org.au